Nicholas Harding Bradley

Finance and ACMS Student - Notre Dame '20

Nicholas Harding Bradley

Nicholas Harding Bradley is a Junior Finance and ACMS undergraduate at the University of Notre Dame. Originating from Ireland, Nicholas moved over to the United States in 2014. He is now a proud permanent resident of the United States. At Notre Dame, Nicholas participates in a wide variety of extracurriculars which not only address his academic interests but also allow for increased participation in the Notre Dame and South Bend communities. Nicholas' career interests centre around a potential career in Corporate Banking. If you would like to contact Nicholas, his details are listed below.

  • 103 Sorin Hall, South Bend, Indiana.
  • +650-666-5056
Nicholas Harding Bradley

My Relevant Skills

Below is a list of the skills which I believe to be most relevant to my career interests. These classifications are a reflection of my personal opinion of my ability as opposed to any specific certification or authority.

Microsoft Excel Advanced
Financial Modeling Moderate
Microsoft Powerpoint Advanced
C++ Basic
  • Internship: Countsy, Mountainview, CA

    Nicholas Harding Bradley - Countsy

    Summer 2018
         Consulting Intern

    • Conducted an analysis on the potential transition of Countsy’s pricing structure from a variable pricing structure to a fixed pricing structure, with an emphasis on identifying and weighting relevant cost drivers.
    • Collaborated with a start-up CFO on preparing slide decks for internal use and presentation to venture capital firms. 
  • Internship: Anza Accelerator, Moshi, Tanzania

    Nicholas Harding Bradley - Anza
    Summer 2017
         Business Development Intern

    • Consulted and assisted small and medium sized enterprises in reviewing and improving financial processes, accounting methods, and general operations strategy
  • Study Abroad: London School of Economics and Politics, London, England

    Nicholas Harding Bradley - London School of Economics
    August 2017
    • Courses: Fixed-Income Securities, Debt Markets, and the Macro Economy; General Finance
  • Experience: Unleashed Social Ventures, Notre Dame, IN

    Nicholas Harding Bradley - Unleashed
    Fall 2017 - Present
    • Conducted research as part of a small group into the South American insurance market with a focus on potential openings in the aforementioned market for insurtech firms. 
    • Presented the teams findings to the Accion Venture Lab regarding a variety of topics as the project progressed
  • Experience: Moneythink, Notre Dame, IN

    Nicholas Harding Bradley - Moneythink
    Fall 2017 - Present
    • Travelled to a local highschool on a weekly basis to teach students a curriculum that addressed the core aspects of financial literacy and goal setting to provide a foundation for personal and economic success. 

  • Experience: Wall Street Prep Modeling, Notre Dame, Indiana

    Nicholas Harding Bradley - Wall Street Prep

    Spring 2018
    Advanced Financial Modelling and Valuation 

    • Independently studied and completed a course which addressed financial statement, DCF, M&A, and LBO modeling.
  • Experience: Student International Business Council, Notre Dame, IN

    Nicholas Harding Bradley - SIBC

    Fall 2016 - Present
         Travelling Participant
    • Selected as a travel team member to research a potential acquisition between Amazon and Splunk and present the teams findings to Robert W. Baird analysts in their Chicago offices.
    • Coordinated with a small group on the Morningstar Equity Analysis Project to research Hooker Furniture in the context of its industry and determine whether to recommend the purchase, hold, or sale of its stock. 
  • Activity: A Voice for Others, San Jose, CA

    Nicholas Harding Bradley - A Voice for Others

    Fall 2017 – Present
    • Devised and implemented a fundraising strategy through which over $50,000 of revenue was generated for dispersal amongst a variety of projects established in the Moshi region of Tanzania. 

  • Activity: Sorin Hall Government, Notre Dame

    Nicholas Harding Bradley - Sorin Hall Government

    Spring 2017 - Spring 2018
    • Selected by Sorin Hall’s government to oversee the planning and execution of Sorin Hall’s annual Secession Week events.

  • Study Abroad: Anglo American University, Prague, Czechia

    Nicholas Harding Bradley - Anglo American University
    Summer 2016
    • Courses: EU Market and Business Policy; Customer Experience Management; Principles of Power and Leadership

  • Study Abroad: American Business School, Paris, France

    Nicholas Harding Bradley - American Business School

    Summer 2015
    • Course: International Relations; Islamic Banking and Finance
  • Activity: Lalafofofo, Moshi, Tanzania

    Nicholas Harding Bradley - Lalafofofo

    Fall 2016 - Fall 2017
         Junior Executive Committee Treasurer
    • Collected and organized financial data relating to LALAFOFOFO's nonprofit activities in both Tanzania and California. 

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    103 Sorin Hall, South Bend, Indiana